Most people in the Auto Repair industry are aware that there are several models of Coil Packs that are failing and causing PCM (Engine Computer/PowerTrain Control Module) failure. The Coil Pack failure causes the destruction of the PCM's drivers internally that provide a ground signal to the Coil Pack(s) when prompted by the power being provided by the Harness (often multiple coil packs can fail). The Coil Pack/PCM Failure's affect to the engine is obvious since the Coil pack is often Coil Per Cylinder or Single Coil or sometime a coil per 2 cylinders. So the driveability will really be affected up to 60% of your cylinders may be unable to fire. The CODE(S) associated with the Coil Pack Failure are P0351 through P0354 (Four Cylinders), P0356 (Six Cylinders) P0358 (Eight Cylinders) indicating The Coil Packs affected and the Cylinder(s) (1-8) with multiple codes stored when detected. ECM TO GO Auto Computer Pro specializes in Testing and Board/Component Level Repair of the PCM. Be sure to Check For TSB Technical Service Bulletins. Often the use of OEM replacements is required. Don't try to save money when this can cause the same problem to occur. The reason for the recall is the failure of the original manufactured unit so much so it has been flagged and often a warranty may be offered for limited years and or mileage. Note the new replacement will have a different part number.